Flash Foxy has announced it will be hosting its second women’s climbing festival of 2017 in Chattanooga, TN on November 10-13. Registration opens on August 1. Pricing and other details have not yet been announced.

Two-hundred tickets were available for March’s women’s climbing festival in Bishop, CA. They went on sale about three months prior to the festival and cost $70-$90, which covered general admission, breakfast and dinner, and some other goodies. Clinics cost an additional $50, while workshops cost an additional $20. Lodging was not provided, though some local lodging offered special deals to festival-goers.

Tickets are highly sought-after and sell out quickly. To prevent ticket scalping, Flash Foxy only allows the purchase of one ticket per person. If you plan on attending the Chattanooga festival, follow @heyflashfoxy on Instagram for developments and plan to purchase your ticket the minute they go on sale.


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