Focus Climbing Center will be holding a dyno comp Wednesday, April 19 between 4:30 and 9:30 p.m. Participants will register on arrival. Entry is free for members. Non-members require a day pass, which is $17 for adults. There will be four ability categories with dynos ranging from 5.8 to V10 in difficulty:

  • New Climber: 5.8 – V1
  • Intermediate: V2 – V4
  • Advanced: V4 – V6
  • Open: V6 – V10

Scores will be based on competitor’s five highest-scoring dynos.

The competition area is split into three sections, defined by a black line. Competitors will have six minutes in each section, followed by a six minute rest. Scores will be based on competitor’s five highest-scoring dynos, with total points as a tiebreaker. Competitors can complete as many dynos in each section as you wish. There is no penalty for falling.

Prizes will be provided by Mad Rock and Boulders on Broadway. Two participants will be randomly selected to win a certificate for a free pair of Mad Rock climbing shoes.

Details at


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